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In the lounge, while you are receiving medical treatments, you won’t feel like you are in a sterile, intimidating, medical environment. Our relaxing atmosphere eases stress or anxiety, and makes the process of getting a restorative IV drip a pleasure rather than an intimidating task.

The InfuZe lounge can be social or private.

Many of our clients enjoy experiencing restorative, rejuvenating treatments with a friend. However, if you prefer privacy and peace and quiet, we can make that happen too. It is all about you!

These are our favorite combination treatments:

An oxygenating facial and Rockstar IV drip

Did celebrating take a toll on your appearance and energy? Hydrate, clear up redness, and achieve smooth skin while getting infused with energizing, clarifying, and headache-reducing nutrients and vitamins.

The Revitalizing Papaya Mask and the Recharge Drip

You are back from vacation, but feel like you need another vacation to recover from your trip? Your skin care regimen wasn’t maintained while out of town?

Revitalize and clarify your skin with our detoxifying papaya mask. The infusion of vitamins improves energy and antioxidants help you fight off the germs you were exposed to while flying. Get life back to normal, restore your energy, and give your skin a healthy, fresh glow.

The Athletic Recovery: Detoxifying Black Mask and Gold Medal Drip

The detoxifying black mask removes the dirt and debris that when combined with heavy exercise can lead to clogged pores and acne. While your pores are getting a deep clean, your recovering muscles are treated to a powerful blend of antioxidants and amino acids to prepare you for your next fitness endeavor!

Save 10% when you have a drip and IV at the same time!

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