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IV drips are the quickest way to restore your body. Our medical professionals provide IV hydration full of vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, anti-inflammatories, and anti-nausea medications. Drips are the quickest way to recover and recharge. We love drips for:

  • Recovery after weekend festivities
  • Jet lag
  • Recovery from a challenging fitness endeavor
  • Post illness or surgery

Restore Your Energy with IV Therapy

IV therapy delivers the nutrients your body needs directly to your bloodstream for maximum absorption. Your body can feel weak and tired due to alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, stress, a heavy work schedule, sports, or other life activity. Rather than living with the aftereffects, you can recharge with the help of one of our customized drips. Tell us your symptoms and we will create the perfect restorative IV therapy treatment to help you get back to living life with restored energy.

Need a Boost? We Can Help.

Feeling worn-down is not a pleasant sensation. We can help boost your energy in just a few short minutes with IV drip therapy in our world-class Tucson medspa, where you can enjoy the restorative treatment in a pleasant lounge, resting on one of our plush treatment chairs. Ready for even more? Take advantage of the ability to get a facial while your body absorbs the nutrients it needs for peak performance.

Your Health Matters

All IV therapy treatments are performed under the care of medical professionals for client safety. You can be completely confident that all health and safety requirements are managed down to the details. Rather than getting an IV drip in a cold, uninviting medical office with no amenities, why not have a pleasurable experience while you recharge your body? Come to our InfuZe Lounge for your treatment and discover the difference.

All our drips are individually customized to address your symptoms and your goals.

Here’s some our most common drips with a few of the key ingredients:

  • The Rockstar: The perfect morning after solution
    • B vitamins, antioxidants, anti-nausea, anti-inflammatories, and medication to relieve heartburn are mixed in a full or half liter.
  • The Recharge: We can give you a second wind amidst a jam-packed schedule
    • B vitamins for energy and metabolism
    • Anti-oxidants for immune protection and to reduce fatigue
  • The Gold Medal: Recover and get back to training quicker
    • B Vitamins for metabolism and energy
    • L-Carnitine for muscle recovery
  • The Healer: designed for pre and post-surgical procedures to promote tissue and wound healing, surgeon clearance required
    • Higher doses of Vitamin C
    • Zinc for collagen production and wound healing
    • 1 treatment 3 days pre-op, treatments on post op day numbers 3, and 14
  • The Beauty Drip: A vitamin drip full of antioxidants including the master antioxidant, Glutathione, to promote a brighter complexion. A perfect enhancement to a skin procedure or before a special event.

What you need to know about receiving an IV Drip

It is safe.

Our drips are modified from the Meyer’s Cocktail which has been used safely since the 1970’s. Your medical history will be carefully reviewed by a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner. You will be monitored the entire time while getting your drip.

The process is very comfortable.

Our nurses are IV experts and know how to make the process comfortable, from start to finish. We use small needles. While you receive your restorative infusion, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. We want the experience to be pleasant and relaxing. You will be in a comfy recliner in the InfuZe lounge and have the option of resting with an aromatherapy eye mask or taking the time to get a clinical facial.

We can improve hangover symptoms, but we can’t cure hangovers.

Hangovers are a complex condition, and essentially are a cluster of symptoms. For complete resolution of a hangover, your body needs time to metabolize the alcohol. Our IV treatments relieve some of the unpleasant symptoms while your body does its work.

If you have any of these conditions, you aren’t a candidate for a drip at ZL.

IV drips are for people in good general health. If you have impaired liver, kidney, or heart function we will not be able to treat you. Final decision to treat will be based on in person assessment, but the following conditions prohibit us from treating you:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Chronic renal failure (any stage)
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Current chemotherapy treatment
  • History of blood clots
  • Abnormal heart rhythm
  • Recent surgery without surgeon clearance
  • Diabetes which requires insulin
  • Active vomiting

Vitamin Shots

Vitamin B12: A quick maintenance treatment to improve energy and metabolism $25

Lipotrophic-C with B12: Energizing B12 paired with L-Carnitine and MIC complex for a metabolism kickstart $35

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