You may continue all of your usual skincare (including retinols) prior to you Hydrafacial. Please wait a minimum of 2 weeks after lasers, microneedling, peels, or injectables. Makeup should not be worn until the next day.

BBL Lasers

Please protect your skin from the sun 1 week prior to treatment and 1 week after treatment. Presence of a tan can cause complications, and your treatment may be cancelled at your expense. Faux tan is not permitted to be present in the area to be treated. Please disclose current antibiotic usage at the time of booking. New patients to the practice must have a consultation prior to booking.


Protect your skin from the sun 1 week prior and 1 week after treatment. Presence of a tan or sunburn can result in treatment cancellation or postponement at your expense.  A consultation and medical clearance is required prior to treatment. All Halo patients must prep their skin 2 weeks prior to treatment with supplied topicals.

SkinPen Microneedling

Multiple acne breakouts are not recommended at the time of microneedling. Direct sun exposure is to be avoided the week after treatment. No makeup/working out is permitted for 24 hrs following treatment. Wait at least 1 week after laser, peel, hydrafacial, or injectable.

Lip Filler

You should be healthy at your lip filler appointment, meaning no upper respiratory viruses, colds, flu's and most importantly- no cold sores present. Please avoid all blood thinners (aspirin, advil, fish oil) 5 days prior and avoid alcohol 24 hours prior. You must notify us at the time of booking of vaccines or dental work in the last 4 weeks or cold sores in the last year. Please discontinue tobacco use at least 6 weeks prior to any filler.


Please arrive very well hydrated prior to your appointment for a successful blood draw. 1 week prior to your treatment aim to eat as healthy as possible with minimal to no added sugars or saturated fats. Avoid blood thinners (advil, aspirin, fish oil) 1 week prior to injection. Please ensure you are healthy without any colds, viruses, or infections present for 2 weeks prior to treatment. 


You should be healthy at the time of your Sculptra appointment, meaning no colds, viruses, or infections. Please avoid blood thinners (advil, aspirin, fish oil) 5 days before injection and avoid alcohol 24 hours before injection. You must be tobacco free for a minimum of 3 months prior. Please notify us if you have had dental work, a vaccine, or any other injectable 4 weeks prior to Sculptra. 


All injectables, lasers, peels, and microneedling are contraindicated. If you are breastfeeding, please discuss your options with one of our providers.

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