ZL is a certified CoolSculpting practice with a track record of beautiful body transformations.


It’s true: You can actually freeze away excess fat. Rather than undergoing an invasive procedure, simply visit our modern medspa, lie back and relax, and let us target love handles, tummy fat, upper arm fat, double chin, thighs, or other areas with this amazing treatment. The CoolSculpting procedure works to freeze existing fat cells, leaving you looking trimmer, slimmer, and more sculpted.



Collagen provides skin with structure, a supple texture, and firmness. The drawback is that as you age, collagen fibers weaken and natural production of this critical element slows. Thermi treatments stimulate collagen production, and remodel existing fibers to tighten and firm your skin in a non-invasive, comfortable, pleasant treatment with no downtime.


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