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Preventing the signs of aging requires extensive knowledge of the progression of underlying facial structures and skin throughout the lifespan. You will find this expertise with the providers at ZL Medaesthetics. 

Beginning preventative treatments

At what age should you begin preventative treatments? The sooner you begin our recommended protocols, the less likely it is that you’ll need more extensive correction later in life. And it’s never too late to start preventing future skin damage. We recommend scheduling a consultation to plan your preventative treatments based on your lifestyle, habits, and current skin health.

Prevention of skin damage

ZL Medspa is located in sunny Tucson, Arizona, which receives an average of over 350 days a year of intense, sun-filled UV radiation. This results in accelerated skin aging, but not to worry. Our facility is equipped with the top-of-the-line lasers and medical grade skincare — must-haves in order to stand up to the environmental assaults from the harsh sun in Tucson. Most of our patients enjoy active outdoor lifestyles in this beautiful area, and our goal is to provide easy and comfortable treatments so you can continue doing the things you love…without enduring unnecessary harm to your skin.

Collagen maintenance

Collagen maintenance is at the foundation of treatment plans that we create for our patients. You begin producing about 1% less collagen per year of life starting in your mid 20’s, and once a woman reaches menopause, she will have lost over 30% of her youthful collagen. Once this collagen loss accumulates over the years, the skin becomes noticeably loose, wrinkled, and saggy. There are many options for collagen replacement available, including supplements; however, we offer treatments that have been rigorously studied in order to truly stimulate your body to make its own collagen.


We recommend monthly HydraFacial® treatments to improve the health of the skin and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.

BroadBand Light

Regular treatments using the visible light spectrum (BroadBand Light™) can alter the gene expression responsible for skin aging, effectively promoting youthful skin on a molecular level.

Preventative Botox

Under expert injection technique, Botox® injections can effectively prevent the formation of deep lines and wrinkles in certain areas of the face.

SkinPen microneedling

SkinPen® is an ideal treatment to increase the skin’s collagen. All skin types can benefit from this minimal downtime, in-office treatment.

Medical grade skincare

A properly formulated skin regimen using medical grade products will counteract environmental aggressors at many levels for healthy, more youthful-looking skin.

ZL Medspa for the best in preventative treatments

Locally owned and founded by board-certified plastic surgeon and renowned injection specialist Dr. Ethan Larson and board-certified nurse practitioner Laura Zimmerman, ZL Medaesthetics is a full plastic surgery practice and boutique medspa in Tucson, Arizona offering the area’s most advanced lasers, skincare, injectables, and more.

Our practice was created to fulfill a need for an advanced anti-aging experience with a user-friendly experience. At ZL, not only is skincare one of our main services; we are also skincare specialists. ZL Medaesthetics is the only SkinCeuticals flagship store in Southern Arizona, and we combine the latest skincare technology with advanced clinical practices to provide our patients with extraordinary results.

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