Customized acne treatment plans 

Acne treatment is not one-size-fits-all. We educate our patients on the condition, explaining how to prevent breakouts at home and how to implement a variety of medical grade skincare, in-office peels, lasers, and facials. We also prescribe medication if indicated. Our approach is gentle, gradual, and most importantly, sustainable and maintainable.

Blemishes and acne cysts are a frustrating skin condition that affects all ages and genders. Worst of all, these unsightly breakouts often seem to appear out of nowhere right before a special event. Most kits and creams on the market fail to treat the underlying cause of acne, and result in a never-ending cycle of skin damage and recurring breakouts. This is why professional guidance and proper medical grade regimens can make a dramatic difference. At ZL Medspa, we manage acne using combination therapies that take into account our patients’ unique lifestyles, skin habits, budgets, and goals to in treating their specific acne case and boost their confidence.


The deep cleansing and vortex extractions of HydraFacial® provide a relaxing way to free the skin of pore-congesting sebum, dead skin, and debris.

Acne peels

A peel doesn’t actually have to “peel” to be effective — in fact, our gentle and highly effective acne peels rarely leave patients with flaky skin, but rather progressively smother and clearer skin.

Forever Clear BBL® laser 

The cutting-edge technology of Broadband Light™ makes this pain-free treatment the most powerful of intense pulsed light therapies, with quicker results and less chance of scarring. 

Medical grade skincare

Proper ingredients work to balance the skin’s pH level to lower bacteria counts and improve the overall health of the skin.

LED Blue Light

We love our LightStim® LED therapy as an adjunct to treating acne. The blue light helps to kill acne-causing bacteria.


The minimal downtime and ease of acne scar treatment with SkinPen® (the only FDA-approved microneedling device for acne scarring) make this service a patient favorite at ZL. 

Aquagold Botox facial

One of the many benefits of Botox® is its ability to decrease sebum and oil production in the skin and reduce breakouts. This pain-free, zero downtime treatment reveals glowing, clearer skin in just days.

VISIA Skin Analysis

VISIA® Skin Analysis is a cutting-edge skin photography and computer evaluation that takes a deep dive into your skin and the root cause of your acne.

VISIA Skin AnalysisComprehensive skin assessments are just the beginning

Before treatment begins, you will meet with Laura Zimmerman, our board-certified nurse practitioner and certified aesthetic nurse specialist, to carefully review your skincare concerns and goals. We recommend bringing a list of your skin products and medications from home. We will perform a VISIA Skin Analysis to take images of your different layers of skin so that we can pinpoint the culprits of your acne. Laura will create a plan for you that combines both home-based therapies and in-office treatments. During your treatment course, Laura and your medical aestheticians will collaborate to help you achieve the clear, healthy complexion you want.  


Do I need to be on Accutane?

Accutane® is a very powerful prescription medication for acne. In terms of improvement, its results are unparalleled; however, this medication does come with a host of undesirable side effects. At ZL Medspa, we aim to improve mild to moderate acne with less aggressive methods before referring a patient to a dermatologist for Accutane. In severe cases of acne with the possibility of scarring, we may recommend Accutane treatment sooner in the treatment course.

I’m on Accutane. Can I still get treatment?

Yes. Your dermatologist will manage your Accutane dosage, and we will be able to assist with adjunct care. Many of our state-of-the-art technologies and products are gentle enough for compromised skin, and can help ease the side effects of Accutane.

I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. Why?

We hear this a lot. Most patients feel this way after they’ve become frustrated with not seeing results from at-home treatments. However, at ZL Medspa we have the most cutting-edge technology and medically trained skin specialists to help achieve your skin goals.

Is there a minimum age for acne treatment at ZL Medspa?

No. We treat all ages for acne. Laura Zimmerman is board-certified as a family nurse practitioner to treat children and adults. However, we do require parents to be present during consultations of patients under the age of 18.

When can I expect results?

Some of our patients notice improvement after just one treatment; however, most require weeks to months of commitment to skincare and treatments for optimal results.

ZL Medspa for acne treatment and management

ZL Medaesthetics is a full plastic surgery practice and boutique medspa in Tucson offering the areas most advanced lasers, skincare, injectables, and energy treatments. Not only is skincare one of our main services; we also care deeply about the results we achieve for you. Because we’re driven by the goal to achieve the best version of you, we create a clear, customized treatment plan just for you in order to achieve a successful outcome. We invite you to a luxurious atmosphere where you will discover the ultimate in personalized attention and care in a peaceful environment — built around your comfort. At ZL, we cultivate confidence.

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