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Our goal during your initial consultation is to educate you on the best practices for your skin and body. All new patients are encouraged to have a consultation prior to booking services at ZL Medaesthetics. There’s a massive variety of treatments available today, and without proper guidance from an experienced professional, it can be easy to become overwhelmed when choosing the right one for your specific needs. Not only this; the wrong treatment can actually be detrimental to your aesthetic goals. This is why it’s very important to have a consultation before moving forward with any treatment.

Who will my consultation be with?

Consultations are held with either Ethan Larson, MD, our board-certified plastic surgeon, or Laura Zimmerman, NP, our board-certified nurse practitioner and aesthetic nurse specialist. Your medical history will be reviewed and an assessment of your skin will be performed, as well as your body and bone structure, in order to carefully craft a safe and effective treatment plan for you.

Sustainable and maintainable solutions

We don’t offer “quick fixes” at ZL Medaesthetics, but rather sustainable and maintainable solutions to prevent and restore skin aging. We consider you a patient for life, and we will create a plan for correcting your immediate concerns as well as way to maintain your results going forward. Your lifestyle and schedule play an important role in your treatment plan. 

We offer treatment options for everyone, from those who have no room for downtime to those who can only come to see us a couple times a year. We offer many solutions and types of technology to accommodate all of our patients’ varying schedules and recovery allowances. We also offer a variety of payment plans

Correcting previous work and botched injectables

Dr. Ethan Larson and Laura Zimmerman are esteemed and experienced providers in their field, and are often sought out for correction and revision of challenging and botched cases. If you’ve had a previous treatment and you’re unhappy with the outcome, we highly recommend a consultation prior to undergoing further treatment. We typically will not “inject over” pre-existing injectables that show signs of complications. 

How to get the most out of your consultation

Bring your inspiration! Whether it’s a picture of your younger self or a picture of your dream lips, we encourage you to help us visualize your desired results. You can also bring a list or bottles of your skincare products from home. It’s the ingredients that matter — not the name of the manufacturer. We can take a deep dive into that ingredient list during your consult. We also ask that you keep your makeup minimal for your consultation. We want to see your skin, and nothing else! If you’re coming in for a body treatment, please wear something that allows us to easily see your areas of concern. (Yoga pants are perfect!)

What to expect during your consultation

  • Prior to your appointment, we’ll send you a New Client health questionnaire. Please complete this online before you arrive.
  • We will be taking “before” photos to help us establish a baseline of treatment and simulate results for you.
  • We reserve 45 to 60 minutes just for you. Due to this time commitment, a credit card must be placed to hold your spot. Late cancellation fees may be charged.
  • We provide you with a detailed written plan and instructions for all the treatments and skincare we discuss during your consultation. Think of this as your wish list and game plan, all in one.
  • Once we establish a treatment plan for you, we can start prioritizing treatments. You will be provided quotes for all services and options, such as monthly payment plans, to get your results as soon as possible.
  • Expect some follow-ups throughout the journey. We actually care about you results as much as you do, so we will want to see you back periodically to make sure your treatment plan is getting the job done.

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