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At ZL Medaesthetics, we believe injectables should serve as a subtle complement to one’s facial features and gently restore aging areas of the face. We also believe that the best injectable results should be undetectable.

We prioritize our patients’ comfort during all of our injectable treatments. Dr. Ethan Larson and our nurse practitioner, Laura Zimmerman, have developed methods to minimize discomfort that can typically occur with facial injectables. When these techniques are implemented, the result is less bruising, swelling, and post-treatment discomfort. We believe that when our patients are completely comfortable, it allows us to deliver our very best work.

Botox for wrinkle smoothing

An FDA-approved treatment to reduce crow’s feet, glabellar lines, and forehead wrinkles.

Dysport for longevity

Dysport® is our house favorite tox for fast and long-lasting wrinkle improvement.

Lip augmentation with fillers

Lip fillers can smooth, plump, define, and balance the lips in a beautifully natural-looking way.

Facial contouring with dermal fillers

We offer a variety of fillers to contour, support, smooth, and plump in just the right places.

Natural replacement with Sculptra

Sculptra® is an injectable treatment that stimulates your body’s own collagen response for long-lasting facial volumization.

Wrinkle relaxing injections

We offer a full selection of wrinkle relaxers (neuromodulators) such as Botox® to gently smooth lines and wrinkles — and we also believe in preserving facial expressions as opposed to completely all freezing facial motion. In the right hands, Botox can actually lift and open up the brows, improve skin tone and texture, or even improve skin laxity in the neck. These techniques are quite advanced, and go far beyond the standard Botox treatment.

“Just right” lip filler

Laura Zimmerman earned her reputation by injecting lips in a method far beyond what the rest of the industry was offering at the time. Her Painless Perfection technique utilized microcannulas, nerve blocks, and the use of flexible and longer-lasting fillers. She creates lips that are lifted, smooth, proportionate, and most importantly, natural-looking. 

Prestige fillers for all faces

At ZL Medaesthetics, we utilize every single filler that is FDA-approved in the United States. Our providers are incredibly skilled with all fillers, and will choose the one that is best suited to your specific face and needs. We don’t believe in only offering one brand of fillers, because each product has slight differences and unique properties that, when injected meticulously, yield a beautiful, natural, and long-lasting result.

ZL Medspa for the most natural-looking injectables 

ZL Medaesthetics was established to fulfill a need for an advanced anti-aging experience with a user-friendly experience. Not only are lip fillers and Botox some of our main services; we also care deeply about our results and your natural look, which means you won’t find any frozen faces or duck lips injected by us. We prefer subtle and gradual improvement rather than transforming you into someone you’re not. Our work is meticulous and top-notch, with a focus on Painless Perfection and safety. Aesthetic treatments are extremely safe when performed with knowledgeable and highly skilled hands, and we believe in order to maintain our immaculate safety record, we must stay educated. Our providers attend courses all over the country seeking out the very best techniques and methods. We cultivate confidence, and we are driven by the goal to achieve the best version of you.

Unparalleled technique and training

Injecting is a true art, and our providers have spent years perfecting their methods. Laura Zimmerman is the lead injector at ZL Medspa and has sought training all over the United States to develop a world-class skill set. The practice of injecting isn’t just about the beautiful result, but also the safety of the patient. At ZL, our techniques and in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy ensures the safest possible treatment.

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