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About the Enlighten peel

At ZL Medaesthetics, we offer the highly effective RevePeel® Enlighten Rx™ Depigmentation System peel for patients who want to improve such conditions as hyperpigmentation, melasma, scarring, uneven skin tone, stubborn sun damage, blotchiness, and brown spots. 

The medical grade Enlighten peel has been developed to suppresses pigment production and exfoliate the skin to achieve a brightened complexion and a more even skin tone. It works by using 8% hydroquinone (a pigment suppressor) and retinol (for rapid cellular turnover). This treatment is one of the absolute best options for individuals with melasma, and it can be applied to any part of the body. That said, patients should be aware that this peel should stay on for 8 to 10 hours. 

Enlighten peel treatment details

This mask can be applied in our office or, for your convenience, purchased as a home treatment and be applied via virtual instruction with one of our highly trained estheticians. The cost includes a 28-day post-care regimen of skincare to improve results. 

If you’re having Enlighten applied in our office, details are as follows: Before the peel is applied, your skin will be cleansed and exfoliated to help the peel penetrate evenly and effectively. This is a creamy, slightly thick peel that will be “painted” directly onto your skin and lightly massaged in. There is no pain or discomfort (most patients describe it as feeling like a refreshing mud mask), but the peel will need to stay on your skin for 8 to 10 hours, and it will look like you’re wearing a carrot-colored face mask.

Purchase the Enlighten peel today: store.zlmedspa.com

Advantages of the Enlighten peel

  • Ideal for certain conditions that don’t respond to more traditional treatments 
  • Pain-free
  • Improved skin brightness and skin tone 
  • Reduces and eliminates skin blemishes for certain types of skin pigmentation
  • Increases skin luminosity and improves overall tone
  • Brings discolored pigmentation to the surface to increase cell turnover 

What to expect

One of the most important things to remember when getting a medical-grade peel is to let it fall off on its own. Don’t peel or pick at it, and don’t try to “hurry” it to fall off. Pulling it off too soon or removing it prematurely in an unnatural way could cause more pigmentation. Once it has fallen off naturally, your skin may feel hot and sensitive. It will also look slightly red. These side effects may last for a couple of days, and on day three, you will begin peeling. Following this, your skin will shed and be a little red, dry, and flaky for approximately two weeks.

Your at-home regimen

To get the most out of your Enlighten peel, it’s very important to closely follow the at-home skincare regimen we give you, which includes a topical being applied twice a day for four weeks. This regimen will need to be done for 3 to 6 months before your next Enlighten peel. The result of this specialized peel is smoother skin texture, a more even skin tone, reduced discoloration, minimized scars, smaller pore size, and an generally brighter, healthier complexion.

Who is the Enlighten peel best for?

If you’re experiencing pigmentation, uneven skin tone, melasma, scars, stubborn sun damage, acne, pitted acne scarring, blotchiness, and/or brown spots, the Enlighten peel may be ideal for your needs. This peel is safe for any skin color or type, and if we determine that it’s right for you, our skincare experts will design a treatment plan especially for you. The first step is to schedule a consultation with us.

Why choose ZL Medaesthetics?

At ZL Medspa, we pride ourselves in offering world-class service and expertise. Experience matters, but we find that caring matters the most. While our providers’ decades of experience ensure a safe and well-executed treatment, the compassion and concern behind the process is what takes our results to the next level.

We are results driven and outcome obsessed — and we deeply care about the outcome of our procedures. Founded by two board-certified medical professionals, Dr. Ethan Larson and nurse practitioner Laura Zimmerman, you can be sure that there is an added level of care and safety when you choose ZL Medspa. Skincare is one of our main services, and you expect nothing but the best with us.

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