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Sculptra and Radiesse stand out from other injectable treatments because they have been designed to trigger the body’s natural collagen-making process. Whereas other injectables focus on temporarily improving wrinkles, Sculptra and Radiesse actually stimulate your body to restore and replenish its own youthful collagen and elastin. Results develop gradually, and the stimulation process continues for up to two years following injection.

How Sculptra and Radiesse work

When Sculptra is injected into areas of the face that have begun to look saggy or hollow due to loss of collagen, it triggers the body’s natural collagen-producing process with its active ingredient (poly-L-lactic acid). Over the course of several months, this brand-new collagen will make the skin look plumper and more youthful. Sculptra injections are the secret to looking flawless no matter your age, without the evidence of having any work done.

Radiesse is a very thick gel product that works similarly to Sculptra, but is made from biocompatible calcium (CaHA) microspheres. These microspheres become like a scaffold under the skin, while new collagen is also being created. This collagen-making process keeps going for months, which enhances the benefits of the initial treatment. Radiesse is eventually completely absorbed by the body, leaving behind plumper, more youthful-looking skin that has been created by your body’s own collagen.

Why choose Sculptra and Radiesse?

Whereas hyaluronic dermal fillers only plump the skin temporarily to fill in lines and wrinkles, Sculptra and Radiesse actually volumize the face in a longer-lasting way because they stimulate actual collagen within the skin. Dermal fillers don’t do this extra step. By creating your own collagen, you’re providing your own more youthful-looking skin.

This is excellent news for those whose face has begun to look tired or aged due to hollows and sunken areas. In addition, some people have less facial fat than others, which can cause one to look much older than they are. Facial volume is a sign of youthfulness. As the skin weakens and fat pads start to shrink, the face can start to look older. Sculptra is excellent for restoring facial volume in a gentle and natural-looking way.

A specialized technique for the best results

Sculptra requires a very precise mixing and injecting technique in order to get the best results, without any complications. ZL Medspa co-founder Laura Zimmerman has undergone advanced training specifically for Sculptra. She travelled to Miami, Florida to train under Dr. Aguilera, the #1 Sculptra injector in the country. 

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What Sculptra and Radiesse can accomplish

  • Lift sagging areas of the face
  • Define a lax jawline
  • Soften prominent cheekbones 
  • Provide youthful volume to the face 
  • Lessen nasolabial folds and marionette lines
  • Volumize depressed temples
  • Improve a “resting scowl”
  • Restore volume to hands
  • Improve skin elasticity and texture 
  • Kickstart new collagen production 
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Sculptra and Radiesse treatment details

Sculptra and Radiesse are both injectable treatments. On the day of your appointment, your skin will be cleansed and prepped, and a topical anesthetic may be administered. At ZL Medspa, we have developed “painless perfection” — a carefully crafted, multi-modal approach which is tailored to each individual to ensure treatments are comfortable. Sculptra and Radiesse are both administered under the skin, and are both pre-mixed with lidocaine for even more patient comfort. Treatment time will be approximately 20 to 30 minutes, and patients may resume their regular day afterwards. 

Sculptra is injected in a series to allow your body to absorb the poly-l-lactic acid and begin forming collagen. At ZL Medspa, we prefer to space out the treatments 6 to 8 weeks apart. Most patients will need two sessions; however, some patients with more volume loss may need more sessions. We recommend a session every 1 to 2 years for maintenance.

What to expect


  • Massage your face for a few days after treatment to help Sculptra disperse properly 
  • Swelling may occur immediately after each treatment; will subside within a few days
  • Redness, swelling, slight pain, and/or bruising may be present at injection sites temporarily
  • May take up to two months for results to become visible
  • Results continue to improve gradually, and can last up to two years


  • Redness, swelling, and/or bruising may occur immediately after each treatment
  • Treated area may temporarily look unbalanced, over-filled, or lumpy before settling
  • Results visible at 1 to 2 weeks, and can last a year or longer

ZL Medspa for Sculptra and Radiesse treatments

If you’re seeking cosmetic injectables to rejuvenate your look, you’ve found the right place. ZL Medaesthetics is a full plastic surgery practice and boutique medspa offering the Tucson area’s most advanced lasers, skincare, injectables, and energy treatments. Locally owned and founded by board-certified plastic surgeon and renowned injection specialist Dr. Ethan Larson, ZL Medspa is celebrated for having beautifully natural-looking results and pain-free injectable methods. 

Our treatments are performed with knowledgeable and highly skilled hands, and every patient receives a very clear, reasonable plan for successful outcomes. We invite you to a luxurious atmosphere where you will discover the ultimate in personalized attention and care, in a peaceful environment built around your comfort. You can be confident in your decision to begin your aesthetic journey with ZL Medaesthetics.

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