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Peels can also be used to treat sun damaged areas of the body such as the arms, hands, and back. Typically stronger concentrations of peels are utilized to achieve desirable results. Our body peels are accompanied by a Therapeutic body lotion to further enhance results and promote healing. This principle is used in our chemical peel in Tucson accounting for the unique environmental factors here.

Add-ons for Superior Results

Lip Treatment

An exfoliating sugar scrub combined with peptides and anti-oxidants, and finished off with a protecting and hydrating shine for plumper and youthful lips.

Eye Treatment

A combination of moisturizers and peptides help restore collagen and reduce undereye puffiness and dark circles.

The ZL Peel 1.0

The 1.0 peel is a superficial, low concentration TCA peel. This is an exceptional peel to target Rosacea and sensitive skin. This peel has no downtime and is an excellent maintenance peel, or a "lunchtime peel". The Sensi Peel by PCA is utilized, and is safe for all skin types. Post-peel skin care is included.

The ZL Peel 2.0

The 2.0 peel is best suited for correcting and targeting specific concerns, such as melasma, acne, or lines and wrinkles. This Tucson chemical peel includes any of our peels and boosters needed to achieve the desired correction. The highest concentration peels are administered by the Nurse Practitioner. This peel includes dermaplaning, which allows for even product absorption and reduces some of the flaking after a peel. Premium skincare is provided to use one week prior to the peel and one week after the peel.

Experience the difference in our Premium post peel skin regimen

At ZL, we utilize cutting edge products during the post peel recovery to further enhance your results. We incorporate Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar as part of your peel, which is included in the 2.0 peel. A proprietary blend containing calming Arnica Montana, high levels of antioxidants to aid in healing, as well as Tri-hex technology to clear damage and debris in the extracellular matrix. At ZL we add an extra touch to provide one of the best chemical peels Tucson has to offer.

Peels Don't Always Peel

When you hear “peel”, you imagine red, flaky skin on your face, right? This is a common misconception. Most of our peels cause only minimal skin peeling (desquamation) which is even less with the products we provide you for home use. The best part is, a peel doesn’t have to flake and shed to actually work!

As with everything we do at ZL, a chemical peel in Tucson is customized just for your skin.

What to know
get a Chemical Peel

  • Typically, 4-6 treatments are needed every 2-4 weeks, and then you maintain results with one treatment every few months.
  • Discontinue retinoids (skin products containing retinol) and tanning 2 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Inform us if you have a history of cold sores. We can help you with a medication to help reduce recurrences.
  • Plan to stay out of the sun for 48 hours following a peel.
  • Strenuous exercise that causes facial redness and flushing is to be avoided for 48 hours.
  • The extent of "flaking" or redness after a peel will vary greatly from person to person, therefore we recommend a minimum of two weeks before any major social event (weddings, professional photographs, etc.)

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We Are Open!

We are open and seeing patients! We are taking great care to ensure continued safety for all our patients and providers.

Physical Distancing measures will still be in effect. If you are coming to the office, please wear a mask and sanitize or wash your hands before entering and frequently while you are with us. We will be wearing masks as well and limiting physical and close contact.

If you are coughing, feeling ill or have a fever, DO NOT come to the office. Call us instead and we can make arrangements to see you if you need us. We will also have limited staff present in the office so things may run a bit more slowly.

To book appointments, you may call us (520) 204-1956 or fill out our online form.

We will be resuming online booking in the near future.

We will continue to offer home based treatments , which are medical grade peels and skin treatments, to be done in the comfort of your own home. Skincare can also be purchased through us and shipped directly to you or may be picked up curbside .


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