More Alluring Lips with Lip Augmentation

Lips are one of our most alluring facial features. At ZL MedAesthetics, our lip augmentation treatments can help you have fuller, plumper lips to enhance your overall facial appeal. We perform lip augmentation with great care and skill, and Laura Zimmerman NP-C has perfected the non-surgical lip augmentation down to a fine art. To shape and define lips, specific injection zones are chosen to add lift, volume, and shape. At ZL we believe that the best lip injections Tucson has, is the one that no one can tell you had.

Alluring, sensual, luscious, full. These are some of the adjectives used to describe the lips of the beautiful women we read about in books and watch in movies. Lips are one of the most noticeable facial features and a full, well defined pout is every woman's dream. Are you that lucky though? Genetics and time are not always our friends and it can mean that those sensual lips might just be something we dream about.

Lovely Lips at Last

Lip liner and lipstick help, but are often not enough to give your lips the look of fullness and volume. Non-surgical lip augmentation is a popular treatment for women who have thin or poorly-defined lips. Specialized dermal fillers can add volume so your lips look naturally plump, soft, and defined.

Alluring lips need not be simply be a dream anymore. Cosmetic surgery offers the option of lip augmentation for women who desire full, sensual lips. Lip injections can add volume to the lips and give you well defined lips.

Lip injections have to be performed with utmost care and caution or it can end up giving some very unsatisfying results. ZL medaesthetics perform the best lip injections in Tucson. Laura Zimmerman is an artist when it comes to lip augmentation, and has perfected the entire procedure. Under her care, you get the best lip injection Tucson has.

Injectable Fillers for Lip Augmentation

The desire for a youthful, pouty look or fuller, well-defined lips can be achieved with advanced dermal fillers designed specifically for lip augmentation. The Restylane and Juvéderm product line are popular choices for their biocompatible composition of hyaluronic acid (HA), the body’s own moisturizing lubricant. The natural-looking results last six months to one year, with regular touch-ups to maintain fullness and definition.

Should I get lip augmentation?

If you have thin lips, or your lips have lost volume due to age, lip augmentation can restore a plumper, fuller look, or more defined lips to enhance your overall facial appearance. This procedure must be carefully performed so that the result looks attractive, appealing, and natural, rather than overfull. Our lip augmentation treatments are the perfect solution for the following problems:

  • Thin lips
  • Aging lips
  • Undefined lips
  • Lost lip volume due to aging
  • Lip lines

Lip Injections Done Right at ZL MedAesthetics in Tucson

Lip injections should not be painful. At ZL, our lip numbing technique ensures you remain completely comfortable. Laura Zimmerman is one of only a few injectors skilled in regional nerve blocks of the face, which ensures all of the sensitive nerves in and around the lips are completely numb.

We focus on custom treatments, including lip augmentation with fillers – done right. Laura Zimmerman, NP, is an expert injector utilizing a minimally invasive microcannula technique for lip augmentation. The advantages to this cutting-edge technique is a significant decrease in swelling, bruising, and discomfort. A subtle increase in lip volume can create a dramatic improvement in your overall facial appeal. Talk to us about how we can help you have fuller, plumper, more defined lips, or create a “perfect pout.”

All of our lip injections Tucson patients leave with a premium post injection care kit with luxurious medical grade products to keep down time to a minimum.

Lip Injections Tucson AZ

Lip Fullness: A Sign of Youth

There is no denying that plump, luscious lips are a sign of youth. To create a more youthful look, it requires an understanding of facial proportion and the ideal balance between top and bottom lip. The bottom lip, when in the most attractive balance, is about one-third larger than the top. It should be slightly depressed in the center to look natural, with soft plumpness on the sides. We are focused on creating the most natural-looking enhancement – not overfilled.

You are invited to explore our full line of beauty-enhancing treatments, including the state-of-the-art fillers we use for subtle, natural-looking lip augmentation at Tucson ZL MedAesethetics. Schedule your custom lip augmentation at our world-class medspa in Tucson, where every detail was created to make your journey to a more beautiful you a distinct pleasure. For fuller, more luscious lips, talk to us about our lip augmentation treatments. It's the natural looking approach that we take, that makes us one of the best at lip injections Tucson has to offer.

Lip Injections Tucson Az

Lip Injection: Techniques

There are several techniques in lip augmentation. These techniques vary according to the shape, size, and goal of each patient. When a person comes in for lip augmentation, there are several aspects to evaluate before settling upon a particular technique.

The treatment starts with creating a lateral and front view of the lips. This gives the surgeon an idea on the projection of the lips. Using these 3D images, surgeons determine whether the patient simply needs an enhancement or a complex restoration.

Lip injections involve the use of dermal fillers. These fillers are injected using a cannula or needle into the required lip zones in order to add volume to the lips. Depending on the patient, the cosmetician may or may not recommend additional lifting and definition. For instance, aging patients are injected with lip fillers not only to restore the volume of the lips, but also to turn up the corners of their mouths. The area around the lips may be injected with fillers as well.

In another instance, a patient may want to only a single lip to be treated. In such a case, a derma filler called Teusyal RH3 is used to resolve the volume discrepancy.

Some patients desire a well-defined pout. The cosmetician first marks the pout appropriately. Lines are drawn near the boundary of the lips and the filler is applied within this boundary to define the pout. If the goal is to add more definition to the cupid's bow, or the small, V-shaped arch in the upper lip, fillers are added to the boundary that separates the lips from the rest of the skin. This adds more volume to the lips and enhances the appearance of the cupid's bow. Fillers are not injected directly into the cupid's bow as it can alter the shape of this feature.

Mini Lip: A Minimal but Gratifying Result

This type of lip augmentation is best for those seeking a very subtle volume enhancement and smoothing, with only half the volume of a typical lip enhancement. This is also an excellent option for the client wanting to "try out" lip injections. $385

Custom Lip Enhancement:

A precise injection to enhance and restore volume within the lips, address the skin and lines around the lips, and even lift up downturned corners of the mouth. This service utilizes a wide range of dermal fillers, which Laura Zimmerman NP will carefully select for you based on your lips and treatment goals. This service is best suited for those clients looking for larger and more voluminous lips, or clients who are looking to improve signs of aging in the lip and mouth area. Starting at $550

Perk up your lips Without Injections

ZL is pleased to be the exclusive provider of the Lip Perk treatment. This is a non-invasive treatment to exfoliate, hydrate, define, and plump the lips, all without needles. The same vortex fusion technology of Hydrafacial is utilized to deliver a proprietary serum to the lips. Enjoy an in office 15 minute treatment and then take the Lip Perk serum home to use for continued lip enhancement lasting about 1 month. This treatment is excellent for clients not able to or not ready for lip injections, as well as an excellent maintenance treatment to extend and protect the life of your lip filler. $40

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