What is CELLUWave?

CELLUWave delivers acoustic pressure soundwaves into the body, which cause micro-trauma into the skin. This triggers the brain to send in healing properties such as growth factors and stem cells to the area that’s being treated. Using this acoustic soundwave technology, CELLUWave has the ability to:

  • Create new tissue
  • Repair damaged tissue
  • Break up fibrous bands
  • Flush out fat cells
  • Reduce the cell size of adipose sites
  • Stimulate blood flow/tissue growth

CELLUWave treatments

Many patients compare their CELLUWave treatments to a massage. Before the procedure begins, a cold gel will be applied to help with conduction of the soundwaves. A handheld device will pass over the skin in a slow, gentle pattern. 

During treatment, you can read, listen to music or podcasts, or even take a short nap. (Treatments usually take approximately 30 to 45 minutes.) After a series of treatments, you’ll begin noticing smoother, younger-looking skin. We typically recommend 10 to 12 treatments; up to two a week.

Why choose a medical grade cellulite treatment?

There’s nothing wrong with cellulite creams and dry brushes, but sometimes that’s just not enough to get the results you want. Because cellulite can be very persistent even with the strongest at-home products, usually the best way to make a difference is to undergo a medical grade cellulite procedure performed by a specialist.  

Causes of cellulite

When the connective fibrous tissue bands underneath the skin become stiff and pull down on the skin, cellulite develops — and this “cottage cheese” skin appearance can make you want to hide your skin. The surrounding fat cells can make the condition even worse, as these cells tend to swell and bulge up against the skin. In addition, as we get older, our skin becomes thinner and makes cellulite even more visible. The following have also been associated with cellulite development:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes
  • Smoking
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor diet
  • Accumulated toxins
  • Pregnancy
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Simple aging

Why choose ZL Medspa for CELLUWave treatments?

ZL Medaesthetics is a full plastic surgery practice and boutique medspa in Tucson, Arizona founded by two board-certified medical professionals — Dr. Ethan Larson, MD and Laura Zimmerman, NP and aesthetic nurse specialist. We offer an extraordinary experience at ZL. 

Not only do we offer the area’s most advanced lasers, skincare, injectables, and energy treatments; we are also well-known for the most natural-looking and pain-free results. We deeply care about your satisfaction and the outcome of our treatments, and we are driven by the goal to achieve the best version of you. Our providers are highly respected in the industry, with others seeking training from us. When you choose ZL Medspa, you can be confident in your decision to begin your aesthetic journey with us. 

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